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Best of Both Worlds

Our "Soul"

SoulBoricua, LLC is a company with a mission of bringing quality food and service that uplifts the community, with a caring and supportive workplace, while offering food that inspires.


SoulBoricua is the brainchild of three sisters, Jessica Holmes, Lenora Carroll and Cecile De Mello, combining their African American and Puerto Rican heritage and working together to share their passion and love for family, community, and great wholesome food. Jessica is the executive chef and has been a food service professional withover a decade of experience in restaurant management. Cecile has years of experience as a director of a community organization and focuses her work on improving low income communities. The combination of their skills is the foundation of this social enterprise.


We have a focus to uplift spirits while educating. We offer Healthy Food classes, Servsafe Training and Customer Service Classes as well as our good wholesome food.


We are also excited to announce our  product line into the Whole Foods in Englewood and HydePark  "It has been a dream come true to have our Soulfrito on the shelves of a Whole Foods rooted in the South side of Chicago where it all began for us.""Check out their product on the shelves today. Check out our new products now available online.  


We would be delighted to bring our gifts of love, wholesome food, as well as our mixed heritage to provide a great experience for your upcoming hospitality needs.

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