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Arroz Con Gandules
$30 Half Tray | $60

Sofrito Chicken
$36 Half Tray | $72 Full Tray

Slow baked Chicken tossed in Puerto Rican seasonings tossed in Puerto Rican seasonings served tender to perfection.

$15 Half Tray | $30 Full Tray

Seasonal vegetable medley with Cajun spice and lots of soul.

Fried Chicken
$36 Half Tray | $72 Full Tray

Electrified chicken with our secret spice. A chicken you won't forget.

Spicy Mac 'N Cheese
$20 Half Tray | $40 Full Tray

Macaroni and cheese with four assorted cheeses and lots of flavor.

$18 Half Tray | $36 Full Tray

Puerto Rican staple of mashed plantains, garlic, and olive oil.

BBQ Cabbage
$15 Half Tray | $30 Full Tray

The best way to enjoy any vegetable is to throw it on a grill and add butter of course.

$30 Half Tray | $60 Full Tray

Seasoned beef, pork and chicken served on skewers and grilled just right.

Red Beans and Greens
$20 Half Tray | $40 Full Tray

Red beans served in a Puerto Rican sauce simmered with fresh collared greens.

Papas y Yuca
$18 Half Tray | $36 Full Tray

Mashed sweet potatoes and yuca blending to create a flavor that will shock your tastebuds.

Shrimp and Sausage
$42 Half Tray | $80 Full Tray

Plump shrimp served on a garlic butter and tomato sauce topped with sausage.

Corn Muffins
$8 per dozen

Mini jalapeno muffins make the best addition to any meal.

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