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Do you know what today is................

It's National Chili Day, and what better to warm up with then a bowl of good, spicy hearty chili. Here is a recipe to ease up on the ground beef, but not the protein, this is a traditional chili with a hint of modern.....Throw some Quinoa on it. Here is the recipe for Vegetable Quinoa Chili. Stay warm my friends.

Quinoa Veggie Chili

1 Can of Black Beans Sautee vegetables with garlic and oil, add a small

2 Cups of Carrots amount of vegetable stock to deglaze pan. Once

1 Chipotle Pepper simmering add tomatoes, and all vegetable and

2 Cups Corn beans, add seasoning to taste. Prep Quinoa, add

1 Green onion before service.

1 Can Kidney Beans

Stew Tomatoes

1 Onion

Vegetable Stock

Chili Powder


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