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Start Smart Smoothies

The morning blues has been a battle, especially during the Covid days. Waking up and not knowing the day, time, year, decade that's pretty normal. As cabin fever begins to start to shake off and we begin to see Mr. Golden sun, starting your morning with energy boosters is a must. Here is one of our fav Smoothie recipes that is kid friendly with adult simplicity. The great thing about this recipe is you add and subtract whatever you like! Adding a couple of oats will add some much needed fiber, and thicken the smoothie, so don't use as much yogurt. Add some spinach add zinc, Vitamin A,B,C as well as calcium. Adding Chia or Hemp seeds will boost your protein, Omega-3, and Vitamin E. The addition of any of these health boosters does not change the taste much, so the kiddos will still enjoy.


2 Cups frozen strawberries

1 cup of sliced frozen mango

1/2 cup Greek God's Honey Yogurt

1 cup of fruit juice

Throw it all in the blender and mix until smooth.............Want to see how the kiddos make head to SoulBoricua Youtube page for the cutest cameo.


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