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Gumbo Time

Here is our quick, and simple Gumbo recipe on this cold Fat Tuesday. Most of the country is under snow and frigid temps. This Gumbo recipe is sure to warm you up and add some flavor to your day.


1 Green/Yellow/Red Pepper Diced

1/2 onion Diced

2 gloves of garlic

6 cups of Veggie Stock

1 package of Sausage (traditionally Andouille)

2 Chicken Breast Diced

2 cups of Shrimp and as many crab legs as you like

2 Tb Souldobo/ 3 Tb Cajun Seasoning

First we sautés the veggies and set aside, in the same pot, cook the chicken and sausage, then set aside. In the same add butter or oil to begin making your roux. The roux measurements are 2 parts flour to one part oil. For this recipe we used 1 cup of flour and 2/3 cup of butter. We melted the butter and slowly added in the flour. Stirring continuously to not burn the roux but to also get the right darkness of color.

Once roux is complete add seasonings, and stock. Let this simmer until the liquid has gotten thick. Add your veggies, sausage and chicken. let simmer for a few minutes. Add shrimp and crab legs, letting cook for about 20 more minutes. Serve over rice and enjoy.


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