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Froyoooo yo.....

Once a month our chef heads out into the neighborhood and does Healthy Food Cooking Classes. This month it will be August 25th, 5pm at Imagine Englewood If, 634 West 69th St. All our welcome. This month she will be focusing on Healthy Desserts. Creating a fun and healthy snack that not only the kids will love but the adults will not stop eating......A froyo master piece. Enjoy a pop of summer before it fades away.


2 cups of Fruit (your favorites are okay)

1/4 cup Granola, oatmeal, almonds, whatever you prefer

2 T Honey

2 t Oil (your preference to which type)

1 cup of Greek Yogurt

Muffin tin liners

Combine Granola and Honey and oil together. Place into muffin tins. Add yogurt on top of granola and top with fruit and drizzle honey on top. Place in freezer for 2 hours. Pop them out and pop them in your mouth.

Want more detail, stop by the demo on August 25th.

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