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Our first product hitting the shelves is SOULfrito. It is our twist on the traditional latin seasoning and base used in a lot of the cuisine my mother always cooked for us. As we entered this adventure several years ago many of our dishes were plays on what our mother actually prepared. She would combine her Puerto Rican dishes with dishes our African American father would be familiar with to make a fusion that was different, inspired and delicious. We noticed that many of the dishes called for sofrito, which is not commonly sold in stores in our area, the Southside of Chicago, we would often have to prepare a batch to create our catering orders. So the idea sprung that since no one else was selling sofrito like ours, maybe we should. Thus SOULfrito was born. We our now heading off on this adventure to give our customers a seasoning that they can use in their own homes to create some of the inspired dishes we have as well as to stimulate their own creative dishes. SOULfrito is also a way to bring flavor without bringing all the salt and other additives. Our product is free of all the additives but full of all the flavor nature has given us. We hope you enjoy the product, as it hits the shelves this Wednesday at the WholeFoods in Englewood. Make sure to stop at our booth and check us out.

Be sure to check the blog frequently as recipes are posted on what to do with SOULfrito.

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