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Leftover Mania

Still got some Thanksgiving leftovers? Tired of the same old stuff, here are a few quick recipes that you can do with those Turkey Day leftovers.

Cranberry and Turkey Salad

Hand Shredded Turkey

Cranberry Sauce


Celery chopped

Dill Sprigs minced

Salt and Pepper


Mix together adding enough mayo to be the consistency you like. This can be put on a sandwich, eaten on crackers or made into a lettuce wrap. Either way it is delicious.

Potato Cakes

Using left over mashed potatoes add sliced green onions and cheddar cheese. Add flour to make pliable and skillet fry.

You can top with some sour cream or chives.

Dressing Cups

Put your leftover vegetables with leftover dressing. Mix together. Place in muffin cup pans, top with cheese and place in oven for 15-20 mins. There is a new cheesy side dish everyone will love.

Make your Stock

Never threw away the bones of your beloved meat carcass. Place the bones after the meat has been removed into a stock pot. Fill with water. Add a mirepoix ( fancy word for onions, celery and carrots) Put a lid on the pot and let it cook on low. You can cook this mixture as long as you like, leaving it on while at work or even over night. The longer it cooks the more concentrated the stock becomes. Freeze it, use it, refrigerate it. Stock can be used in almost every dish you can imagine, and last a long time, just like those Thanksgiving memories made this year!

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