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Yummers! It's PhatTuesday, and why not celebrate the flavors go the NOLA with this one pan quick Jimbayla recipe. Jimbayla has origins in Spanish cuisine. It is the Creole version of paella, since saffron was not available the substitute is the tomatoes....


5 Chicken Thighs

1 lb Shrimp

Andouille Sausage Sliced thick

2 Bay Leaves

1 T Soulfrito

1 Bell Pepper Large dice

2 Stalks of celery Large dice

1 t garlic Minced

1 small onion Large dice

8 oz canned diced tomatoes

2 oz chicken stock

2 cups cooked rice

2 t Cajun Seasoning

2 sprigs of thyme

Season and brown Chicken on both sides in giant skillet. Remove from pan. Add veggies, seasoning, and Soulfrito and sweat until translucent in color. Add stock and tomatoes, then rice. Mix until fully incorporated. Lay chicken, seasoned shrimp and andouille sausage atop the rice mixture. Place in oven for 45 minutes or until Chicken is fully cooked. Enjoy!!!

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