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SoulBoricua's Social Start #eliminatethequestion

One of the biggest forces that impacted us to start this little business we have was to do more than create a product but to change lives. In addition to the products, demos and catering we do we want to purposeful and realistic impact how we approached what we saw as big issues in the hospitality environment. We wanted to help employ people that others saw as non-employable and pay them above the industry standard.

We intentionally put this plan to action by #eliminatingthequestion

Many of us know the question instantly but not all. SO what is the question?

The question that prejudges and predetermines our Black and Brown brothers and sisters without knowing them, understanding them and without any criteria or basis. Asking this question before giving them the opportunity to show their worth, their intellect, stamina, cunningness, willingness, professionalism, and just overall awesomeness. The question that has determined so many minorities future, so many young peoples fate and in some cases led them down a pathway of mental instability and unwantedness. It has tattered families and has instilled a since of shame and embarrassment that pride, and sometimes money can’t fix. The question that brings about nightmares and sleepless nights that discriminates worse than any man, woman or president ever could. What question you might ask?...........

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Have you ever been incarcerated?

Have you been to jail?

Have you been arrested?

Have you been profiled?

Have you felt inferior?

Have you felt less than?

Are you black?

Are you Mexican?

Are you Puerto Rican?

Are you guilty?

Are you going to get this job?

At SoulBoricua we do not ask the question and do not conduct background checks unless deemed necessary due to partnerships with organizations that require it.

This has been an important stepping stone for us and something we our truly passionate about. So if you are reading this and happen to be a minority owned small business maybe you to could think about eliminating that question. Giving enthusiastic and willing workers the opportunity before our prejudices, our stigmas and unconscious biases impact a life who has been given another opportunity. If all lives matter, black lives matter, that one person that is granted an opportunity by eliminating the question, we think their life matters too.

#felonslivesmatter #allcitizensmatter #eliminatethequestion

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